HP Latex 800 64" Printer 3-Liter Inks


    Introducing the all new HP Latex 800

    The HP Latex 800 introduces the below new features to the HP Latex product line.

    • HP Latex 800 use the new 873 3-liter ink cartridge that is made out of cardboard

    • The new 873 inks have the scratch inhibitors removed from the actual ink and instead is another “color” similar to how the optimizer is. This new “color” is called Over Coat. This enables the printer operator to turn it on or off depending on if the graphic will be laminated.

    • New 873 Inks have more pigment per drop than the 300/500 series inks. This enables same color with less inks or more saturation at the same ink level as the outgoing printers.

    • New 873 Inks has been formulated to cure at temperatures up to 30% lower than the 300/500 series inks.

    • The HP Latex 800 uses the all new HP 836 Print Heads.
    • The HP Latex 800 printer have a total of 8 print heads, with 6 different part numbers.
    • The new 836 Print Heads have about 50% more nozzles than the 300/500 series print heads.
    • The new 836 Print Heads also have a newer nozzle shape that allows for better dot placement enabling up to 4pt font
    • The Maintenance Cartridge is also on average going to last about 3 liters longer than the one on the 500 series printer.

    The HP Latex 800 also has a newly designed curing module that lifts up out of the way for easy access to the printer

    The take-up reel has also been redesigned by removing the dancer bar.

    Print head replacements are now easier with the updated design of the printer. The top of the unit simply lifts up and you get full access to the carriage.