Summa S3 D Series

  • Brand: Summa
  • Product Code: S3D

    Summa Drag Knife Cutter Series

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    S Class 3 roll cutters feature first-class engineering and advanced cutting technology. The new S Class 3 series is crafted to cater to the needs of true professionals who demand nothing short of top-notch performance, pinpoint precision, and unparalleled versatility in their work. With its advanced technology, intuitive software GoSign, durable construction, and time-saving features, they surpass even the most demanding user expectations.

    Smart object sorting and paneling

    The Smart Object Sorting feature is designed to select the most optimal starting point for cutting objects, every single time. In addition, the unique Smart Paneling function improves cutting accuracy and simplifies post-processing. When paneling is, e.g., set to 18in, all objects within this range are cut at once. 

    OPOS alignment for smart production

    The Optical Positioning System is an automated contour alignment system. The OPOS X sensor technology senses 4 to 128 marks on a wide range of materials.

    Larger media roll

    The media roll on the cutter can now handle a diameter of 7.8in and supports a roll weight of at least 100 lbs. This improvement is highly beneficial for print and cut applications, including laminated vinyl.


    Summa S Class 3 D Series roll cutters are specifically designed for high-volume cutting environments. They unite legendary S Class power and precision with an efficient and affordable drag knife cutting head. Boasting an astonishing array of industry-first innovations and built-in capabilities, the S3 D Series is a do-it-all dynamo with the resilience to perform day in and day out.

    • Efficient drag knife technology
    • High-volume cutting
    • Power and precision
    • Perform day in and out


    S3 D75

    S3 D120

    S3 D140

    S3 D160


    44.1 x

    27.7 x

    43.8 in

    73.6 x

    27.7 x

    43.8 in

    79.6 x

    27.7 x

    43.8 in

    88.6 x

    27.7 x

    43.8 in

    Media Width

    2.4 to 33.0 in

    4.5 to 51.1 in

    6.7 to 57.0 in

    6.7 to 66.1 in

    Max. Working Width

    29.2 in x 164 ft

    47.2 in x 164 ft

    53.1 in x 164 ft

    62.2 in x 164 ft

    Oversized Mode*

    ‘Oversized’ mode allows a wider cutting area : +/- 2.8 in*

    Media Thickness

    0.002 in to 0.01 in / Up to 0.03 in with sandblast drag knife

    Pinch Rollers






    Alignment Type

    • OPOS X - OPOS Xtra
    • Barcode job recognition
    • Up to 2 x 64 marks on the X-line
    • Y-Line compensation

    Tracking Performance

    Within +/- 0.004 in on plots:

    • 40 ft max. within guaranteed specifications for media less than 30 in wide*
    • 13 ft max. within guaranteed specifications for media larger than 30 in wide*


    0.2% of move or 0.010 in, whichever is greater


    Up to 56 ips diagonal


    Up to 4.25 G diagonal

    Knife Pressure

    Drag Knife: Up to 400 grams

    Other Features

    FlexCut (cutting through)


    Ethernet, USB, WIFI

    Power Requirements

    100-120 / 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 85 VA maximum

    Included Software

    • Summa GoSign Software
    • Summa Cutter Control
    • Summa Plug-in: for Illustrator, CorelDraw, MacSign

    Cutting Technology

    Drag Knife

    *In ‘Oversized’ mode the tracking performance is no longer guaranteed.