• Brand: Mutoh
  • Product Code: IJ-RTU-01
    Product Highlights Rotary printing option for XpertJet 661UF A2+ flatbed UV LED printer 360-degrees direct printing onto cylindrical objects For diameter sizes from 30 mm to 120 mm For object lengths up to 360 mm and weights up to 1 kg Easy mounting and unmounting, configuration via wizard guidance User friendly : carrying handle, positioning ruler, object position retainer & fixation thumbscrews Ideal for customised quality production and one-off designs


    Rotary Printing Option for XPJ-661UF Specifically developed for Mutoh’s XpertJet 661UF A2+ UV LED flatbed printer, Mutoh’s rotary printing option will allow worry-free 360-degrees direct printing onto cylindrical objects. The rotary rollers will precisely rotate the cylindrical object under the head shuttle, ensuring maximum print quality. Equipped with a carrying handle, the rotary printing option can easily be loaded and unloaded. Setup is done in no time via a wizard integrated in the XPJ-661UF machine firmware. Job preparation for cylindrical objects is fully integrated in the standard driver software, so that jobs can easily be positioned and scaled in function of the target object diameter and position. A ruler alongside the object will facilitate the positioning of one or multiple cylindrical objects. Diameter adjustment is fast and easy using thumbscrew adjusters.