HP 832 1-Liter Inks 700 Series

    HP 832 1-Liter Inks 700 Series

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    All New HP 832 Inks for the Latex 700 Series

    • HP Latex 700 use the new 832 1-liter ink cartridge that is made out of cardboard.
    • The new 832 inks have the scratch inhibitors removed from the actual ink and instead is another “color” similar to how the optimizer is. This new “color” is called Over Coat. This enables the printer operator to turn it on or off depending on if the graphic will be laminated.
    • New 832 Inks have more pigment per drop than the 300/500 series inks. This enables same color with less inks or more saturation at the same ink level as the outgoing printers.
    • New 832 Inks has been formulated to cure at temperatures up to 30% lower than the 300/500 series inks.